The monsoons –Lifelines of the planet

For many regions and communities across the globe, the monsoon season is a lifeline and an essential resource for agriculture, water, livelihood and basic survival. High dependence on monsoons depicts that even a slight shift in timing or amount of rainfall can be chaotic and lethal for communities survival.

With changing climate, hazards associated with monsoons are on the rise and despite educated predictions on the intensity of the monsoons in order to properly prepare these communities, policy interventions are also important for long-term solutions. Necessary mobilization of financial instruments for adaptation is the need of hour for effective participation of community. Research on the causes and effects of irregular monsoon seasons is a crucial foundational step in creating a long-term plan of action against climate change.

Featured Speakers

Mr. A.R.Subbiah
Director RIMES

Dr. Muhammad Hanif
Chief Meteorologist, PMD
Raja Khurram Shahzad Umar
Director General, PDMA Punjab

Mr. Muhammad Nadeem Khan
Chief Engineer (Irrigation)

Dr. Azmat Hayat Khan (Convener)
Chief Meteorologist, PMD

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